(ENGLISH) “Inside Britains New Far Right”- The ITV exposure of nothing

I-TV has infiltrated the whole right wing of the UK for about 6 months with an undercover Journalist named “Hazel Brown” (funny name choice we need to grant them that 😉 ) Hazel also attended the Traditional Britain Conference and went to a meeting we had in an Air BnB afterwards. This video is my response to a letter I received by I-TV where they claim all sorts of crazy things and try to tear things I said out of context. Actually they found nothing. Since we have a clear theory and strategy that is the same on the inside and outside, we are immune to those sorts of Infil-Traitors. Im looking forward to the increase of traffic the ITV-doc will create on our websites and this video 😉


Abonniert meinen Rundbrief um der Zensur zuvorzukommen:

Folgt mir auf anderen Kanälen


Vielen Dank!

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